Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Buy HGH Human Growth Hormone Jintropin Somatropin Igtropin

Buy HGH Human Growth Hormone Jintropin Somatropin Igtropin

Thailand July 22nd 2009 _ Health & Fit magazine ... The site has been launched over a year now and is a really nice example of online startup success story.

The founders, two young guys (one french of 24 and an english of 29 that do not wish to see their names in this article) had this idea for a long time already : "We know each other 6 years now and during a trip to china we came accross a HGH reseller for Gensci (one of the main HGH producers in the world) and after comparing the chinese prices to the prices in the rest of the world on the internet we realised it could be a very idea to export Jintropin, Somatropin, IGF1 and a few other forms of Human Growth Hormone through a website" Said J.F one of the co-founders . That is how was born.

With the extremelly low prices, the rapidity of the customer service, an excellent SEO marketting helped a lot by the clients positive word of mouth, rapidly became one of the major online HGH (Human Growth Hormone) suppliers in Europe. Since the last 3 month is now delivering worldwide including the USA and imposes itself as a reliable source of the best various forms of injectable HGH such as Jintropin (the main one), Serostim, Somatropin and a few other brand names.

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